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By admin, July 3, 2007 10:18 pm

Founded by William Hamilton in 1987, TechSmith initially developed custom software for Windows for use in various commercial applications.

Since then, TechSmith has turned into the world's number 1 provider of screen capture and screen recording software for the individual and professional user.

The company's first independent product - SnagItĀ® - was released in 1991 in response to a market demand for screen capture tools. SnagItĀ® turned into a screen capture and editing wonder - at present it has more than 7 million users worldwide.

The success of SnagItĀ® urged TechSmith to launch more products over the years. At present, TechSmith has the following products to boot:

Camtasia Studio - originally TechSmith's screen video recording tool which eventually turned into a suite of tools that included Recorder, Producer (which eventually became the editor) and Player. - an easy and affordable media hosting solution for business and academic professionals who want to share multimedia content on the Web.

MoraeĀ® - the first all-digital user experience testing solution for recording, analyzing and sharing the user experience with Web sites and software; today's number one software solution for usability professionals.

UserVue - an online service that lets you remotely observe and record users' desktops as they navigate applications and sites, very handy for the following business objectives: perform user testing, conduct user research, collect design feedback or collaborate on projects.

TechSmith Codecs - provide lossless image quality coupled with excellent compression ratios.

TechSmith Developer Tools - integrate the power of TechSmith's capture and recording technologies into Windows applications of your own.

Explore one of TechSmith's products now may be you'll find the one you need to make your business a whole lot easier.

Headed by founder William Hamilton as the company's President, TechSmith through the years has been abreast with new technologies and continues to commit in the development of innovative software and Web-based solutions for their customers.

This post is sponsored by TechSmith.

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