What Gamers Should Look for When Buying a PC Monitor

By admin, June 21, 2012 3:18 pm

A gaming computer system consists of higher-end parts that give optimum performance. Gamers not only demand the highest quality components in their computers, but the games they play require components that can handle the more robust specifications.


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One of the more important parts of any gaming PC is the monitor. Many gamers enjoy the quality that Dell monitors offer and it is not uncommon to see gamers loyal to one brand over the other. As you look for the perfect gaming monitor, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure you get just the right component for your high-end system.


A high-performance gaming monitor needs to utilize LED technology for several reasons. The diodes used to create LED images prevent glare from obstructing your view. LED also draws significantly less energy than most other monitors and that can help keep your energy bills down. An LED monitor tends to last longer than other kinds of monitors, which is important when you are looking at a gaming monitor that will get hours of use every day.


Your gaming monitor needs to be as adjustable as possible for maximum comfort and convenience. Each person configures their gaming station differently, and a monitor that can be turned, raised, lowered and tilted will fit much better into a custom set-up.

Refresh Rate / Response Time

Even though the human eye cannot see it, all monitors have a certain lag in the time it takes them to create an image. If that lag is longer than three milliseconds, then the image will look choppy and it will lag behind in the game play. Make sure that your gaming monitor has a very fast refresh rate and response time to allow for the clearest possible images.


Computer gaming resolutions can go as high as 1900×1080. To get the most from the detail work done on the graphics in your PC games, you need a monitor that can handle those higher resolutions easily.

Image Ratio

A image ratio of 4:3 used to be the top of the line when it came to gaming monitors. But with graphics getting more involved and games getting more intense, a good image ratio for a gaming monitor is now 16:9. If you want your games to display in the manner that the manufacturer intended them to display, then you need to get a monitor with the highest possible ratio.

A good gaming monitor is essential to your gaming PC. When you are out looking for the right monitor, make sure that you have the proper criteria in mind.

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