Gartner IT Expo - BI Takeaway

By admin, May 30, 2007 6:14 am

Key take-aways from the business intelligence and information management track at the the Gartner IT Expo include:

Business intelligence competency center (BICC) - Gartner estimates that 33% of organizations have an active BICC to define the vision, strategy, direction, and governance of business intelligence information and analysis, and to promote their use within their organizations.

Users - Support of business intelligence and information management means supporting a broad set of workers and external partners, suppliers and customers, not just executives.

Business objectives - Organizations should define their business intelligence and Information Management Strategy based on business objectives, as well as the people, metrics and processes supporting those business objectives. They should not expect to just "buy BI." Support of business intelligence requires a management and organizational focus.

Ecosystem - Most organizations will increasingly support an ecosystem (including partners and customers) with information and analysis, not just the enterprise itself.

Maturity model - To take business intelligence and information management investments to the next level, understand where the organization is on the Gartner business intelligence and performance management maturity curve. The organization's or department's position on this maturity curve, and the challenges that must be overcome to reach the next level, will help to define the first steps to improvement.

The community identified language barriers, security and digital rights, regulatory issues, and new software-as-a-service and sourcing models as key disrupters. In addition, many attendees were focused on how to evolve their investments in business intelligence and information management to "the next level."


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