Antivirus Software Are Technological Weapons Against Crime

By admin, August 29, 2010 3:59 pm

The old belief was that a criminal would devise a clever plan while the authorities didn't see coming. Law enforcement was then left to put the pieces together while the criminal stayed one step ahead. In a digital world with constantly evolving technology, this way of thinking has quickly changed, with the upper hand going to the good guys. Now law enforcement agencies across the world have new technological arsenals to not only fight crime, but to prevent it.

What makes a good police officer is good training. This allows them to effectively react to very unpredictable and hostile situations. In this regard, 3-D technology has made a presence as aspiring officers in many academies now undergo computer simulated training. These simulated scenarios can be adjusted for any regimen and can range from high speed car chases to hostage situations.

And while law enforcement can train to counter crimes that are unfolding, they are also getting better at preventing them from even happening. It is common for agencies to acquire the services of computer savvy individuals. Some are even former hackers. These digital crime fighters utilize a range of technology to keep crimes from occurring. Antivirus Software is one of the most popular technological defenses against theft for professionals and home users. Formulating defenses like secure firewalls or encryption are important tools for stopping crime like barbwire and locks.

In the past, offenders had the ability to lay low or relocate and resume their life of crime. This is becoming increasing difficult. One very large, and very controversial, undertaking is the cataloging of DNA samples from people that have been arrested and put into immense databases that can be accessed by all kinds of law enforcement. This allows police to easily track down criminals from different crime scenes. Although it is only operating in some states, its effectiveness may soon make it a national phenomena.

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