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As technology advances, new problems arise that are associated with these innovations. One such problem is a growing risk to the security of information like mortgage refinance data, credit card numbers, and private health information. Here are a couple of the questions that experts fielded from users on an IT security website. Questions tended to center on the interface between ethics, security, morality, and technology.

Top IT Queries

1. The Mac Attack-Someone has a small wireless network. Friends occasionally stop by and use it to get on the Internet. The person hosting the WiFi doesn't want guests to have to remember a password, so he creates a list of Mac addresses. Anyone with an address on the list has access to the network without needing a password. However, those with email addresses that are not on the list are not allowed access. The network host was informed that restricting access based on a list of Mac addresses is not a secure approach to limiting access to a WiFi network. One IT security expert pointed out that a hacker could sit outside the door of the house and see the traffic that included the Mac addresses. The hacker could set his NIC (network interface card) to use one of the guest's Mac addresses and gain access to offensive sites where the owner of the house would be liable.

2. Can personal emails on your smarthphone be read by the IT manager at work? If someone purchases a smartphone to receive personal email and sets up the device to access email through the company's WLAN, will the IT manager be able to read personal emails through the company's WLAN? IT security expert Simon Heron states that it will be easier for the IT manager to read email that has been streamed down from the owner's email server if the owner is using POP3 to download the emails.

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