Cheap flyers business printing - outsourcing vs. in-house printing

By admin, May 14, 2010 3:32 am

A CIO not only needs to consider IT-related improvements for his place of work, but also needs to expend much thought regarding saving overall costs in the IT arena. Today, I will discuss the possibility of outsourcing a company's printing and whether such an endeavor actually makes sense. Let's consider the possibility of giving medium to large print orders to a third party. Before making a decision, it is of utter importance to calculate the number of prints per year, the costs for leasing printers, as well as costs of paper, toner, and technicians. Also, it is imperative to keep in mind wasted paper and toner, as well as the employee hours spent on printing. Now, after having calculated the actual costs of printing in-house, the company may look into printing companies' offers and compare these with the in-house printing costs.

In many cases the CIO will find that it is more cost-efficient to outsource medium to large print orders than to complete these within the company. Keep in mind that I am not discussing small office printer jobs, but the printing of large-scale products such as brochures or business flyer printing. The outsourcing of these very often saves the company much time and money and should definitely be considered. In essence, calculating the actual in-house printing cost and comparing this to market prices when this is outsourced, can certainly "pay." Perhaps next time you are faced with a large printing job, you may decide to outsource this and use third party cheap flyers printing services, which are generally of high quality and cost-effective. In addition, a number of printing companies also offer free, downloadable flyer templates, which are easily customized to your company's specific needs.

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  1. I know a company in Northamptonshire that does oursourced digital and lithographic printing. They’re certainly worth checking out if you require print services and live in that area.

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