IT Management For The Cloud

By Matthew Alberto, April 28, 2013 10:11 pm

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Spiceworks version 5.1, which is now in beta, has added IT management capability for the cloud computing environment. Specifically, Spiceworks has added the ability to manage Google Apps for Business and Rackspace Cloud Servers to the new version of its software aimed at small business IT pros. The company bills itself as the "social business network for IT", because its application combines free network management, network monitoring and help desk support with a Facebook-style community of IT professionals through which organizations can collaborate and support management of cloud and on-premise technologies.

Recent company research suggests that IT pros in the small and medium sized business space expect to spend about 26% of their budgets on hosted and cloud services, and 40% plan to purchase, upgrade or renew hosted e-mail services during 2011, making cloud computing an important target market for the company.

Payment Solution For Saas Companies By Mountain Media

By Amit Gupta, April 20, 2013 8:33 am

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A major development for companies facing payment headaches has been provided via a new software as a service (saas) model.

This saas feature will soon be able to provide users with smooth one-piece online payment options, which are very cost effective for both, the company and the end users too.

Mountain Media, an e-commerce saas company, providing enterprise software solutions to other organizations has come up with a "Mountain Commerce" platform. Businesses which are saas modeled and are looking to sell products/services on the web will benefit from seamless payments, superior order management and easy website updating.

Mountain Media plans to implement the enterprise software solution for other saas companies while helping them reduce the cost of selling by upto 67% compared to other payment systems.

Cloud IT Management

By Matthew Alberto, April 14, 2013 4:24 am

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The Embotics cloud IT management team has put forward their vision on the topics of private cloud and datacenter management and the challenges to adopting virtualization solutions . Organizations would be well served by thinking through the benefits and challenges of a virtualized environment, but there are a few issues with the Embotics approach.

"VM stall" is a buzz word they put forward as a real concept, when many would argue that it is being way overblown to make people think that they must put every component of their workload into a virutal machine. This is very self serving on the part of Embotics, as their entire business model is predicated on helping organizations move things onto virtualized environments and then managing those environments. Virtual machine software is very useful for some tasks, but it may be the wrong choice for others.

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