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The Grid

Filed in archive Market Perturbations by Scott Wilson on September 27, 2007

This isn't really the point of his article, but I have to both say that I am jealous, and to point you to Dan Farber's tantalizing glimpse of Nick Carr's upcoming book.

Oh, yeah, 3Tera looks moderately interesting, too. But, interesting as the concept is, hasn't Google already done it? I'm feeling deja vu all over again this week, in between this missive, and Monday's blast from the Microsoft past I am wondering how much there really is to be excited about. If these concepts were such sure fire hits, wouldn't the corporate megaliths behind them be rolling them out and profiting by them already? Or do people think that business culture at those larger companies has gotten in the way?

I'm not trying to call anyone out on this stuff, I'm just genuinely curious why that conversation isn't happening. I may well be missing something, but even a quick fill-in on what that is would be helpful.

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