The Role of ERP in the Current Scenario

By admin, November 13, 2012 10:07 am

CEO & Founder Michael Fertik of, rightly feels that personal data in today's world is fast replacing cash. The digital eco system is benefiting from the presence of pervasive personalized data, which is empowering consumers globally.

With new concepts and technological interventions guiding the policy making decisions of entrepreneurs and legislators alike, software control of data and its proper management, is gaining increasing levels of importance across all business sectors.

Whether it is CSR, ERP, SOA, Saas or any other enterprise related software, the importance of these tools in integrating business and its other functions cannot be questioned. For example, ERP systems integrate varied areas of external and internal management information through all levels of the organization. ERP appropriately embraces accounting, manufacturing, finance, corporate social responsibility, sales, services, customer relationship management and all other functions in an intelligent manner.

The role of ERP as a powerful tool in planning activities related to corporate social responsibility cannot be denied. According to ISO, which had launched the guidelines required by the company in connection with social responsibility, the need for organizations to behave in a socially responsible manner is important for all private and public companies.

Innovative and novel ways of using Enterprise Resource Planning applications, such as those recommended by Michael Fertik, leads to an overall growth of the organization.

Photo source World Economic Forum

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