Free Antivirus Software Detects Malware

By admin, February 6, 2012 12:49 am
Free Antivirus Software Detects Malware

Part of running a business is to ensure that you protect what generates money. Often this means your files, business contracts and agreements as well as other confidential and important documents. Most of these important documents are often stored in a computer or laptop system online or offline. This can be dangerous as there are many viruses that can ultimately remove and delete files from your computer without you knowing.

A free antivirus software tool from a Finnish security company can help to detect all forms of the five different malware families used to steal online banking information. The Debank tool was originally created by Fitsec for scanning enterprise machines. It works by scanning the process memory of a computer to detect malware that is compressed before distribution.

Compressing or packing is one technique that can sometimes fool standard antivirus programs which can mistake the malware for a different program each time it is repackaged. Other antivirus programs use heuristics in addition to traditional signatures to detect malware, but this approach does not always yield as much success as performing a full sweep of memory. The Debank program analyzes the core program code which is rarely changed by malware authors.

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